GDPR Deadline

GDPR becomes law in May 2018 so it is vital to understand what it is, how it will impact your business, and what you need to do to be compliant. Hallidays can support you to be prepared and protected with our 4-step process, it's been designed by our team of experts and trusted partners to help with every step.
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Data Privacy Day

Since 2008, America and Canada have marked 28th January as Data Privacy day. It’s to commemorate the signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. It also helps to create awareness around the world of the importance for protecting data.
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Are you Cyber Wise?

Our online, interactive training courses contain hundreds of modules designed to get you and your team clued up with the latest cyber and social threats. Spam and Phishing attempts can be easily caught but what about advanced techniques such as whaling and social engineering?
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Recent Cyber Alerts


July 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

Ticketmaster has admitted to suffering a security breach with an estimated 40,000 UK customers account and payment details affected. Ticketmaster have announced on social media that they have suffered a security breach where an estimated [...]


June 21st, 2018|0 Comments

A scam email claiming users PC’s have been infected by the notorious Wannacry virus are currently trending. We have had a number or reports regarding an email claiming that users PC’s have been infected by [...]

What is Cyber Wise?

A new holistic approach from Hallidays that aims to vigilantly help protect all organisations  from Cyber Crime. We have everything you need to keep you continually up to date and armed against the biggest threats to your business. We’ll help you with your network, internet presence, mobility, policies and the leading contributor to devastating  and dangerous breaches –  human error.


of the worst security breaches reported stemmed from initial human error


of which were caused by current employees


of the UK’s SMEs believe they are safe from cyber attacks

Source Juniper Research