Ransomware WARNING

NotPetya Ransomware Spreading Rapidly Around The Globe

A new Ransomware attack has hit companies around the globe causing widespread disruption.

Similar to the “Wannacry” ransomware a few months previously, this virus is initially carried through email infection. The virus then spreads around a company network by way of a windows protocol that allows folders and files to be shared. It is especially important to remain vigilant at this time so as to mitigate the risk posed to your own computers but your company network in general.

All users should comply with the following advice during this latest outbreak but is also good practice at any time:

  • Maintain high level of attention while opening all enclosed to e-mails files (ignore/erase all suspicious messages)
  • Do not use other methods of connecting to the Internet, such as external modems GSM/3G/UMTS or mobile phones.
  • Let all system and antivirus updates be installed. Do not postpone them!
  • Do not use open private e-mails on company computers.
  • Careful use of the Internet; open known and trusted websites only.
  • Amount of downloaded files should be limited to minimum.

There is a “vaccine” that has been produced which will stop the virus encrypting your files should you get infected. This vaccine will NOT however prevent the virus from spreading through your network and so you should still remain vigilant. You can obtain the vaccine here. Should you be unsure how to follow the steps to install it then please speak to a member of Hallidays IT team and we will be happy to help.