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UK cyber-crime costs victims over £190,000 a day

By Jamie Collins  /  January 28, 2019
Recent police statistics show that more the £190,000 a day is lost in the UK by victims of cyber-crime Recent...

Google fined £44 Million for breaking GDPR

By Jamie Collins  /  January 22, 2019
French data regulator CNIL has fined Google £44 Million for breaking the EU’s data protection rules. The GDPR has been...

Struggling to think of a New Year’s Resolution?

By Jamie Collins  /  December 20, 2018
Christmas is fast approaching and 2018 is coming to an end. Are you searching for an easy New Year’s Resolution...


By Jamie Collins  /  November 26, 2018
Cyber Wise tips for shopping safe online this festive season It’s that hectic time of year again! With the eager...


By Jamie Collins  /  October 23, 2018
Criminals trick people in many ways, but just how far will a cybercriminal go? My friend had a huge panic...

Criminals threaten Superdrug over 20,000 customer account details

By Jamie Collins  /  August 24, 2018
Superdrug have advised 20,000 customers to change their passwords after blackmail attempt Criminals recently attempted to blackmail Superdrug after claiming...
“Employees make decisions every day that negatively affects their business’s security…As a result, we have known for a while that, to protect organizations, employees need online street smarts. However, the problem is that some in the industry treat employee awareness as a training concern or one-time activity. It is not. It is an ongoing cultural problem.”
– Wolfgang Goerlich, Cyber Security Strategist