Cyber Wise works with the best IT Security products in the industry. We are consistently on the look out for new, innovative hardware and software that improves a businesses data security. Below we have listed our recommended products, tools we are able to help install and support to ensure your security is consistent and following GDPR standards.


BitDefender is our first choice Anti-Virus. It was voted #1 Anti-Virus 2017 by MacWorld, TechRadar and PCMag with 100% of recognised viruses blocked and only 10% system impact during tests. BitDefender is easily installed with a user friendly interface, and becuase it only has 10% system impact, you’ll barely realise it’s there.

DC Web Logo Mimecast

Email is the most common way businesses and organisations communicate internally and externally across the world. It is also the most common way cyber criminals attack businesses. Mimecast help make email safer and better for business, filtering all emails that are sent to your domain, decreasing the amount of spam and phishing emails by 99%.

Palo Alto Networks Logo

Palo Alto Networks are a next generation security company, renowned for their expertise in deep cybersecurity. Businesses rely on Palo Alto Networks to detect and prevent advanced cyberattacks, without compromising performance. Their next-gen platforms protect your business from cyberthreats through all stages of a cyber-attack lifecycle.


Sophos is a user-friendly, cloud based anti-virus renowned for it’s high quality performance and success rate. Its administration page gives you full control of users web access permissions and allows you to monitor devices status and force updates. Enabling the Sophos Tamper Protection service makes it difficult for a user to uninstall the software without the administrator or an IT technician.