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Cyber crime is rising, with more and more UK businesses claiming to have been targetted in malicious cyber attacks every year. In fact, 83% of all companies reported to have have experienced a cyber attack in 2018. Cyber attacks are almost always preventable, 95% of all successful cyber attacks have some sort of human error involved, from visiting dangerous websites to clicking malicious links in hoax emails. Your users are the biggest threat to your businesses data.

Cyber Wise provides the tools needed to help protect your business from the ever growing and evolving world of cyber crime. Check out the Cyber Wise plans below to find the perfect plan to protect your business…

  • Cyber Wise Plans…

It’s entirely possible you are already a victim of a sophisticated social engineering attack… yet you just don’t know it. Keeping on top of the fastest growing criminal enterprise in history is a mammoth task and requires dedication and time that most businesses simply do not have, meanwhile 82% of successful social engineering attacks in 2018 were initiated via email and around 83% of companies reported they experienced attacks last year.

Understanding and protecting yourself against the eternal threat landscape facing all our businesses seems an insurmountable task however, we can help you avoid ALL of these and many other threats to your business and you’ll be surprised at how little it can cost to make a really big difference.


ENTRY LEVEL – From as little as £5.95 per month, you may already have conventional protection such as anti-virus and email scanning in place and also want empowered users who;

  • Recognise and react to threats before they damage your business.

  • Always know what the current threats are

  • Are always vigilant in and out of the office with your data

  • Champion your data security policies

  • Are confident in their abilities to protect your business

Percentage of users who fall victim to social engineering attacks


ADVANCED – For just £11.95 per month, you not only want your team members empowered, you also need;

  • Cutting edge tools that add an extra layer of support to team members, and cut the beaurocracy created by IT policy

  • Insider reports with action plans to proactively deal with emerging threats

  • Instant alerts to potential vulnerabilities specific to your business.

% of all companies that reported experiencing a cyber attack: 83%
% successful cyber attacks that begin with a phishing email: 92%
% of successful cyber attacks that involves human error: 95%


ENTERPRISE – For only 18.95 per month you may not require our tool kits but really need a Cyber Wise strategy for their your business, which includes:

  • An evaluation of their current business security with recommendations to help with your governance requirements

  • Complete confidence their business will be up and running as soon as possible in the event of a disaster with a comprehensive plan of action.

  • Annual On-site training seminar to further engage your team in protecting your business

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