We have put together a page of some of the most useful RSS feeds we have found on the internet. These pages contain a wide variety of information from some of the leading security vendors in the world.

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Hallidays Cyber Alerts

Sophos – Latest Viruses

Bleeping Computer News


Sophos – News Alerts

SecureList – Virus Alerts

These clickable links will take you to websites external to Hallidays-it.co.uk. Hallidays has confirmed the validity of the software links at the time of posting them on our website, however Hallidays cannot confirm the validity of these links at all times although we will endeavour to do so. Anyone using these links confirms that they have up-to-date Antivirus software on their computer set to scan file downloads and by using these links you accept responsibility for using the link and the downloaded contents. All software is covered by the makers/providers Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and all users of these links should consult these documents themselves before proceeding.